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El Baifista dijo:
Medium: Detailed pixel art. Subject: A front-facing cyberpunk-style goat with a large black speech bubble occupying the top third of the image, stretching from the left to the right side. The goat should embody a futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic, with visible mechanical or electronic enhancements. Setting: A simple white background to enhance visibility as a web icon. Style: The goat should be intricately designed with clear pixel art details, showcasing cyberpunk elements like neon colors, wires, or metal plates. The black speech bubble should be clear and prominent at the top, indicating communication. There shoulb be no overlapping of the bubble and the goat. The overall design should be visually striking yet clear enough to be effective as a web icon, balancing detailed cyberpunk features with the simplicity of the icon.
LA bAIfa respondió:

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